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Four players sharing the lead before rest day
 MG 2759

The local star Nana Dzagnidze scored her first victory in the tournament to join the three other players - Anna Muzychuk, Lela Javakhishvili and Almira Skripchenko - on the top of the crosstable.

In the other decisive games of the round Alexandra Kosteniuk won the Russian derby against Olga Girya, while Elina Danielian defeated Nino Batsiashvili.

Before the start of the round Tournament Director Akaki Iashvili presented flowers to Kosteniuk and Javakhishvili with best wishes for their birthdays.

 MG 2778

Danielian Elina - Batsiashvili Nino 1-0

In the middlegame with the isolated d4-pawn white constantly applied pressure and achieved nearly winning position. However, at one point black missed a beautiful tactical shot 28...Re4, which could have forced trades to her benefit.


After winning the exchange white proceeded to convert the advantage.

 MG 2734

Dzagnidze Nana - Gunina Valentina 1-0

White used the recently revived Exchange variation of the Slav defence. Black allowed a small concession in lining the pawns on the light squares.

Gunina made a central break with 31...e5, hoping to press on e3 to compensate for the weak structure. With another pawn break 39...f4 she hoped to imbalance the position.


Dzagnidze gave the queen for two rooks and a handful of pawns. Black fought valiantly but white never let the advantage go and finally scored a win on move 95.

 MG 2772

Kosteniuk Alexandra - Girya Olga 1-0

This was another game with the isolated d-pawn, this time resulting from the Caro-Kann. Black solved the opening problems and emerged with equal position. White still tried to use the bishop against opponent's knight.

Shortly before the time control Girya dropped a pawn after the inaccurate 39...Na3 (correct was 39...Re1+). Kosteniuk displayed excellent technique to convert the difficult ending into a full point.


 MG 2794

Javakhishvili Lela - Skripchenko Almira 1/2

White used the sharp 3.e4 line against the Queen's Gambit Accepted. Black grabbed a pawn and then braced against white's assault. After the queens were exchanged it was much easier for Skripchenko to organize defence.

White regained the pawn but had to force the perpetual check since the rook remained trapped on a6.

 MG 2773

Khotenashvili Bela - Muzychuk Anna 1/2

Black was able to easily equalize in the quiet line of the Gruenfeld Indian defence. White tried to get something going on the open c-file, but black was on time to occupy the strong outpost on d5.

Khotenashvili rejected repetition on several occasions, but finally she accepted the draw offer right before the time control.

 MG 2786

Muzychuk Mariya - Zhao Xue 1/2

The former world champion ended the bad streak of two consecutive losses with a draw against the Chinese representative.

Muzychuk attempted o play sharp, sacrificing a pawn for the initiative, but Zhao Xue calmly refuted the attack by trading everything down to a simple ending. The draw was agreed on move 35.

Sunday is a rest day, the tournament continues on Monday with round five games.

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