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Women's Grand Prix in Batumi concluded
 MG 3516

After claiming the winner's trophy with one round to spare, Valentina Gunina had a pressure-free game against Nino Batsiashvili. It was still an interesting encounter as black sacrificed two pawns for active play. The battle settled in a draw before the time control.

In the only decided game of the day Alexandra Kosteniuk defeated Zhao Xue to emerge clear second in the final ranking. It was a back-to-back win for the Russian and second consecutive loss for the earlier co-leader.

The remaining four games were also drawn. The awarding ceremony was held later in the afternoon.

The final Women's Grand Prix is set to start on 1st July in Chengdu, China.

Valentina Gunina wins Women GP in Batumi with one round to go
By winning the key game against Zhao Xue in the 10th round Valentina Gunina ensured the victory in the Women Grand Prix in Batumi. The nearest trailers, who could have tried to get some chances to fight for the first place, either lost or finished their games in draws. Nana Dzagnidze lost an important point against Alexandra Kosteniuk, Nino Batsiashvili drew with Almira Skripchenko, while Anna Muzychuk could not achieve more than a draw in the longest game of the round against Olga Girya. Lela Javakhishvili missed good winning chances against Maria Muzychuk.The encounter between Bela Khotenashvili and Elina Danielian finished in a draw.
Before the last round Valentina Gunina is unreachable with 7 out 10 points. Zhao Xue, Anna Muzychuk, Nino Batsiashvili and Alexandra Kosteniuk share the second place.
Valentina Gunina takes the sole lead after round 9

Unlike the previous peaceful round, there was the high rate of decisive games (five, with one draw only) in the round 9. In the central game of the round Valentina Gunina outplayed her compatriot Alexandra Kosteniuk, to take the sole lead in the tournament with two rounds to go. Nana Dzagnidze and Anna Muzychuk, the former leaders, unexpectedly lost their games against Maria Muzychuk and Nino Batsiashvili respectevely. Zhao Xue won against Almira Skripchenko to climb up on the second place on the table. Lela Javakhishvili was the only player, who won the game with black pieces today.
Olga Girya had perspective position but missed her chances against Bela Khotenashvili and the game ended in a draw.

Anna Muzychuk joins Dzagnidze and Gunina in the lead

A relatively peaceful round compared to the previous two, but the five draws were achieved only after some fierce battling.

Anna Muzychuk recovered after the yesterday's loss to put an end on the winning streak of Zhao Xue. Muzychuk deposed the Chinese from the leading pack and joined Dzagnidze, Gunina on the top of the standings.

Nino Batsiashvili made a nice escape from the lost ending with a desperado and stalemate.

Lela Javakhishvili ended the bad streak of three consecutive loses by saving weaker position against Olga Girya. This is the first draw for Girya in the tournament.

Friday is the rest day, the event continues on 30th April.

Another change on top, Gunina, Dzagnidze and Zhao Xue in lead
 MG 3159

Round seven of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix in Batumi, Georgia, brought more excitement as new leaders emerge day by day.

Just like yesterday, five games were decided and only one was drawn.

Valentina Gunina beat the overnight leader Anna Muzychuk to overtake her on the top of the standings. Gunina is joined by Zhao Xue, who made a mini-series of three consecutive wins, and by Nana Dzagnidze connecting back-to-back victories.

Speaking of series, Elina Danielian ended the bad streak by beating the former world champion Mariya Muzychuk, Olga Girya continued to resist to draws by losing to Dzagnidze, while Lela Javakhishvili is in poor shape for third day in a row.

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